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07 - Science that creates products

By Inside Zerust on January 3, 2022

Better ask a Pro

History of the European R&D Lab.

From 1993 onwards, the chemist Prof. G. Reinhard, TU Dresden, advised EXCOR GmbH in Hann.Münden on the subject of "VCI". This resulted in the formation of EXCOR Korrosionsforschung GmbH ("KorFo") in 1996 with the Managing Directors Prof. G. Reinhard and Dr. D.A. Kubik, NTIC AG, in Dresden.

In the following 14 years Prof. Reinhard purposefully built up the KorFo after its move to the Knüppel Elblagerhaus. The first own VCI-recipes were patented. The small team found chemical and physical methods for product testing. The core "consulting" grew into four areas: production, quality control, climate & corrosion testing and research & development.

Today, the lab manager Dr. F. Faßbender and four teams of 22 chemists, physicists, engineers, assistants and technical staff work in these four areas. The chemist Dr. Faßbender came to KorFo from the semiconductor industry in 2009 and has been managing the company since 2010.

The Korrosionsforschung produces several hundred tons of masterbatch and liquid coating agents for the production of VALENO films or ABRIGO papers per year. The customers are the partners of the worldwide NTIC Joint Venture.

Every year 7000 chemical and physical tests are carried out in Dresden for the quality assurance of all ZERUST EXCOR VCI products. The results decide on delivery or blocking of the batches. The end customer receives ZERUST EXCOR VCI packaging materials only in tested quality.

The use of VCI products is not self-explanatory. ZERUST EXCOR KAM and the application engineers provide customers on-site with the necessary support. The EXCOR Korrosionsforschung helps actively in this respect with climatic stress tests of packaging in its three climate chambers, clarification of damage cases, packaging development, and expert advice.

The R&D department is broadly based and develops new VCI products, analysis methods and corrosion protection tests. Research brings new VCI formulations to market maturity and secures the knowledge gained in patents.

New, highly innovative products now leave the development pipeline. The patent applications have been submitted for examination. With the support of ZERUST EXCOR's corrosion research, of course.

Article written by Inside Zerust
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