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Inside Zerust Excor

Welcome to the Zerust Excor Anti-corrosion Experts Blog


The ZERUST EXCOR group is made up of 28 companies all dedicated
to the ZERUST EXCOR VCI protection solutions.

NTIC Joint Ventures

All these companies are Joint Ventures with Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC), which developed the integration of "non-hazardous" corrosion inhibitors into plastic film in the 1970s. The ZERUST® EXCOR® group has been in existence for over 25 years.


The ZERUST EXCOR group covers more than 60 countries on different continents (Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, ...). 

The ZERUST EXCOR group  brings together more than 450 experts all dedicated to the advice and marketing of ZERUST EXCOR products.

7 R&D Laboratories

The ZERUST EXCOR Organisation has 7 R&D laboratories (USA, Germany, China,  Japan, India and Brasil) which share analysis equipment and centralize the solutions offered to the various customers.

The diversity of territories and countries allows the pooling of a wide range of knowledge.

Anti-corrosion Experts Blog

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Why choose ZERUST® EXCOR® anticorrosion technology

The acquired expertise is shared with the different JVs during regional sales meetings, worldwide meetings and regular meetings between shareholders of the different Joint Ventures.

Leading VCI technology

ZERUST EXCOR products are approved and used by many OEMs in many industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, ... For example in the automotive  and heavy vehicle industries, products are used and approved by most of the manufacturers  such as VW Group, Daimler, BMW, GM, Stellantis, Volvo, Renault Nissan, Hyundai, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Scania, CNH, CAT, John Deere, .....
In all countries, customers have access to the same products and the same consulting processes.

Customer needs at first

For the past 35 years, our experts have been using a study methodology called ZCIS.
ZCIS consists of several phases, such as a detailed analysis of customer needs on site. 

This analysis, conducted by ZERUST EXCOR experts, allows for a clear understanding of the customer's needs and specifications.

Proposal of best solutions

This analysis can be completed by a technical and scientific study in one of our laboratories.
Tests are then carried out at the customer's premises with inspection on arrival by a ZERUST EXCOR expert. These tests and expert opinions are followed by a detailed report on the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.
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